R & D

Caspian Tamin has always been stepping forward to launch a consistent flow of new prescribing medicines while enhancing the existing products. Its primary focus, as a research-based company, has been and continues to be centered on the pursuit of therapeutic advances through diversification of dosage forms, manufacturing new medicines, contract manufacturing activities, under license and technology transfer businesses as a part of objectives. Caspian Tamin's commitment to betterment of life quality is such that a large percent of total sale income is devoted to R&D activities.
The R&D department is currently working on a stunning number of pilot projects, shaped by patients unmet medical needs to supply patients with the most innovative and cost-effective medicines. And as a platform for growth in today's rapidly changing healthcare environment, we are going to install prefilled syring and liquid vial lines in order to achieve our goal for diversification of dosage forms.


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